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Let's face it - We all know there is no perfect recipe for parenting and parenting sure does not take care of itself. Naturally we will tend to feel uncertain when stepping into this new role. Here at, we put all our effort into helping you feel more certain as new parents. If you are anything like us, you want to provide your child with an upbringing that supports them in a healthy development feeling ready for life. Here you can raise your level of awareness and develop your skillset ahead of time!

Easily get access to the answers of all the questions you've been asking yourself about becoming a new parent:

Advice for new parents before conceiving

Before Conceiving 

Do you feel ready? Gain the clarity you need to make that life changing decision. 

Advice for new parents during pregnancy

During Pregnancy 

Learn how you can support the well-being of your child while in the womb. 

Advice for new parents after birth

After Birth

Develop the certainty you need to give your child the best possible upbringing.

Below are the most important articles we've published to help you feel guided as new parents.

Before Conceiving

We want to help you move into a space where you feel ready and excited about conceiving your first child. Below you will find important topics you will want to become aware of before taking on this lifelong responsibility.

During Pregnancy

Are you eager to do everything right straight from the beginning? Great! Here you will find everything you need to know to support your child's development while in the womb.

After Birth

All of us want to do our best as new parents. For parenting to become less overwhelming and more beneficial to your child's development, here we focus on learning how to make better decisions and understanding the individual needs of a child.

First Time Purchases New Parents Make

Don't know what to buy yet? Save yourself the time and hassle of finding everything you will need, and could possibly want for your child. Easily compare the first-time purchases new parents make and get great deals!

With more clarity and direction helps you become more certain in parenting so you can see your child thrive. 

As new parents we have never raised children before. But all of us want to see our child grow up to live a happy and fulfilled adult life. This expectation can create a lot of pressure and uncertainty, especially for us first-time parents - is here to help you!

Becoming a new parent is one of the most underestimated roles in life 

Just about any couple can have a baby...


Just about any couple assumes they can parent well.

Some of us believe that..

..buying all kinds of things for our child is the key to unlocking their happiness. When having chosen this approach... as parents, we're surprised to witness the same child seeking the key to their happiness and fulfillment in materialistic things in their adult life - and never finding it - in the worst case ending up in depression, drug addiction or even suicide.

Others believe...'s all about achieving and being the best. When having chosen this approach... as parents, we're surprised to witness the same child seeking the key to their happiness and fulfillment limited to success and achievement in their adult life - in the worst case ending up as total narcissists, feeling empty and disconnected from themselves and others.

And some think...

..becoming our child's best friend and doing everything for them is the key to helping them in their development. When having chosen this approach... as parents, we're surprised to witness the same child expecting the parents to hand them the key to their happiness and fulfillment in their adult life - in the worst case ending up incapable of taking care of themselves, not knowing who they truly are and not knowing what they want in life.

Do you see the pattern here?

As new parents it all comes down to our capability of parenting.

What we can notice above is that there's a difference between meaning well and it actually serving the development of a child.

Think back to a time in your childhood when you felt left alone, misunderstood or misguided. 

Without judgement, did you feel as if your parents were lacking the understanding of what you needed at the time? 

How do you feel your parents´ decisions and way of treating you affected you and your development?

Do you feel you would have benefitted if your parents would have been capable of truly understanding your needs - therefore, having made better decisions as parents to support your development?

And now think of the fortunate children you came across in school that were happy and social - how their parents may have guided them...

Your child could be one of the fortunate ones too. Your capability of parenting lies in your hands - and it makes all the difference in your child's ability to grow to experience a happy and fulfilling adult life.

Why do we say that the role of being a new parent is "underrated"?

Simple: look at the increasing rates of depression and suicide in our society today.

It's not the best baby gadgets, it's not the toys, it's not the sugar that help our children develop the capability to live happy and fulfilled adult lives. No amount of any materialistic thing will prepare your child in that way. It's you. It's your responsibility to step up to your role as new parents.

In other words: our parenting has a high level of influence on the quality of our child's development and the decisions and choices they make later on in life.

Yes, parenting can be easier...

You can leave your child's development up to chance...


The truth is, being a new parent doesn't have to be a guessing game... it can become easier... but the path requires your willingness to continuously grow and to consistently apply what you learn. Just like the fortunate child you came across back in school that seemed naturally happy, you can be the parents that support their child in growing to become the being that says "YES!" to life as well.

But the only way parents become capable of such parenting is either to have received it themselves or by putting in the effort to learn it. 

Take responsibility

If we can summarize our approach to this one phrase, it would be: "take responsibility."

Step up to the role of being new parents. Learn to understand the needs of your child at the different stages in their life and make better parenting decisions.

If you're ready to take responsibility for your child's development - focuses on supporting you on your journey as new parents. We´re not experts and we don´t know everything, and yes there´s never a guarantee... but like you, we put in our effort and try our best.

Join our tribe of new parents and become the change you want to see in the world!

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