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Thank you for your interest in writing a guest post!

Who we are is a key online resource that provides practical and useful information for first-time parents so they can feel more certain about supporting their newborn child in growing to live a heart-centered adult life.

Therefore, to create a powerful support system for the child we focus on sharing content that not only addresses parenting during the highly important early developmental years of a child, but also focuses on family life as well as building and maintaining a strong lifelong intimate relationship between partners.

Who we reach

Our subscribers are typically couples ranging between 20-40 years of age who are either thinking about having a baby or have recently had their first child, seeking long term support and guidance.

Their relationship with each other is already great as it is which provides a solid foundation for the life they want to create. They want to be the best parents they can be for their child, but also have their doubts and fears because of never having been a parent before. Despite their strong intimate relationship, never having been there before, does have them questioning and second-guessing themselves, making the experience a struggle as well. They may begin to worry about whether or not they´re really ready, if they can afford it and if their relationship will last with each other. 

Our audience is committed, motivated, and willing to do whatever it takes to provide the best possible upbringing for their offspring, create a supportive family life, and maintain a lifelong intimate relationship. They seek practical guidance that will help them move towards creating the life they desire.

Our couples enjoy sharing their time together, cooking, reading, going for walks, and traveling. They are family-oriented, love children and animals. Feeling prepared, planning, and growing together are also important topics as they often talk about their future with each other.

In life - success to them means nothing if it is without fulfillment. 

Our Vision

Yes, you could call us idealists... Our ultimate goal is to help eliminate dysfunctional behaviors in families and raise the potential of children growing up under the best possible conditions.

We imagine a world where parents provide the necessary guidance for their children that nor our politicians, our society, or our current school systems can provide. Our philosophy is that there is nothing outside ourselves that can create the happiness and fulfillment we are seeking - instead, we as human beings must learn to seek what we are looking for within ourselves. To us this means that we must begin creating the change we want to see in the world, within ourselves and guide our children accordingly - to live at heart, first. 

What type of content we accept

Yes, we accept author-referenced practical how-to articles for our website.

Exclusivity: We only accept guest posts with 100% unique content that you yourself have created. If your post has been published anywhere else or contains plagiarized content we will not publish it.

Post-Length: Your post must have a minimum word count of 1,000 words.

Tone: When writing your post you must speak to our audience (see above), be personal. Content published on is supportive, inspiring and positive.

Content: We accept content on a variety of topics such as parenting, family life and intimate relationships. Posts that are non-related to these topics will not be considered.

Your content must be practicle and useful for our audience. Take the time to learn about what is about and what our focus is on how we choose to serve. You must provide content with proper grammar and spelling.

SEO is important - if you can optimize your content, great! Please also keep in mind that we create content for our audience and not for machines.

Image Requirements: To remain aligned with our look and feel of our brand and website images will be decided on and provided by us. 

Additional Requirements: For your guest post to be considered you must add the phrase "purple elephant" in your subject line of your pitch.

Important editing information

By submitting your guest post you agree to that we reserve the right to edit your headlines, body copy and anything else, and that once you submit a piece of writing, it becomes our property.


We do not provide compensation for our writers. Please add the links to your website and social media channels in your bio. We will be glad to promote your post to our tribe. Keep your bio short, 4-5 sentences max. Place your bio at the end of your article, ideally with a picture. You may add a maximum of 2 links back to your website, product or service. Bylines and links that do not meet our standards or that are manipulative will be removed.

Why write a guest post for

There are multiple reasons on why sharing your insights may benefit you, here are a few:

  • Make a positive impact in the lives of first-time parents and their children
  • Draw attention to your experience and expertise, connect with our tribe
  • For SEO purposes, receive a quality backlink to your website
  • Gain opportunity to promote your blog, website, product or expertise
  • Be featured at and our email newsletter

5 ways to write a great guest post for

Be clear and get to the point: Decide on what the outcome and purpose of your guest post is - what message you want to get across. Editing your own content will make it easier for us to share your post with our tribe.

Is your message practical? Ask yourself what you want our readers to do after reading your post. Make the effort to explain the purpose and how-to of your message to make your post practical and more useful to the readers.

What additional value can your post provide to our readers? At we focus on providing as much value as possible for our tribe. Wherever possible we ask that you provide links to other related posts on Use the search feature on our website to do a quick search for a related post before you link to an outside source.

Provide your content resources: If you are making claims of any kind or quoting scientific studies, provide the links to the credible resources such as books, news sources, scientific papers or academic journals. This helps build trust with our readers and allows them to connect the dots and do their own research if they wish to.

Share with your tribe: Once your post is published, please share your post with your social media and email subscribers, we’ll do the same. 

What happens after you have submitted your guest post?

Average review time: It usually takes one week to review and approve guest posts, depending on how long the queue is.

How will you be notified? We appreciate all contributions. While we would love to be able to connect with each writer individually, at times when submissions are high we may not have the opportunity to reach out to you one on one. We will carefully review each submitted article and put it in our schedule.

What happens if your post is refused? Based on the number of submissions, we do want to mention that if you haven´t heard from us by the seconde week, chances are high that your post will not be a fit for In addition, we cannot always provide feedback on every submission or let every writer know what needed to be changed or improved in order to be published.

How to submit your article

We strive to publish only high-quality and relevant content to our tribe. To help us create clarity on whether we are a great fit for each other, please take the time to complete the application form below.