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In case you are new to partofyourworld.org, we are a married couple sharing everything we’re learning about preparing for parenthood, parenting, and creating the family life we want. We want to help make it easier for other first-time parents that want the same. 

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Who are we?

Meet the couple who started partofyourworld.org

Hi, we’re John & Kendra. We’re a married couple moving into a new phase in our life, and want to feel more prepared. The phase we’re talking about is parenthood. While many couples limit this phase to raising children, we believe there is a lot more that needs to be considered.

For us moving into parenthood aside from becoming a parent, means redefining our identity within our family while creating and maintaining a lifelong intimate relationship with each other as well. 

The challenge that we're experiencing is: never having done it before – of course.

This is not just another parenting website for young married couples.

If you have been seeking ways to prepare yourself for parenthood and become the parent you want to be - and you feel like you haven’t found that one website that brings it all together, you’re at the right place.

Love > Unworthiness   

For us, parenting and creating an amazing family and relationship life isn’t primarily about being the best or raising the most successful child. We can easily fall into the trap of raising a child that constantly tries to feel good enough, only to witness them feeling unhappy and unfulfilled in their adult life.

Parenting and relationships will most often not take care of themselves

Most parents dream of providing their child with a wonderful upbringing. But the truth is, if we leave our intimate relationship, family life and parenting to itself chances are our dream will most likely not become what we want it to be. Here our focus is on developing the necessary parenting and relationship skills.

How partofyourworld.org began

We feel excited for the future and at the same time feel overwhelmed by all the questions coming up on what we want our relationships with our children, our family and with each other to be like. Every now and then we search for answers and direction, but so far we have always been missing the one thread that connects everything.

So we figured - since my husband, John, is a certified NLP Master Practitioner and NLP Life Coach, and I am certified in Relationship Coaching and a Pediatric Sleep Consultant we thought, why not create that thread that connects the dots for other new parents that are on a similar path.

We have decided to gather all the questions that we come across on our journey to share our discoveries – thinking perhaps this may even help other couples on their journey together as well.

This idea has become the spark that has launched partofyourworld.org.

We are thrilled and humbled that you are here visiting us and possibly on a similar journey. We look forward to sharing everything we learn and growing together with you. 

Telling the partofyourworld.org story is far from over. In fact, we have only just begun.

What is partofyourworld.org about?

At partofyourworld.org we feel that developing a heart-centered life is a pathway to living a fulfilled life. Sadly, in our society today this essential part of life is often overlooked. A lot of us tend to grow up in a state of unworthiness - not feeling good enough. In our homes and schools we are often taught that we must do certain things, or be a certain way, to feel loved and good enough. While meaning well, this keeps us in the trap of chasing happiness and fulfillment in the wrong places. As children we experience that this can play out by trying to be the best in school, wanting the coolest outfits, wishing to be the most popular kid in class, and having the newest smartphone. But this constant striving for validation often doesn’t end here, instead it transitions into adulthood. Here it becomes about having the big fancy house, the highest paying job, and the best car in the neighborhood etc. - most often only leading us to continue to chase the next big thing, or in the worst case ending up in various addictions driving us even further and further away from what we truly want in life – happiness. 

As we still struggle with a lot of the conditioning ourselves, we feel as if a lot of us nowadays tend to forget that it has become more important to succeed, than to live at heart, first.

Our concern is that it becomes a self-perpetuating cycle when we transfer this value system and behavior into our relationships with our partner and loved ones and into the way we raise our children. 

Our goal is to break this cycle of disconnect within ourselves and with others.

Therefore, the important factors we want to explore and share with you at partofyourworld.org are:

The quality of relationship we create with our children

The quality of relationship we create within our family

The quality of relationship we create with our partner

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Our Values

We believe that in today’s society and technological development it has become more important than ever to learn how to live a heart-centered life before we become completely disconnected from ourselves.


We want to make every effort to provide nurturing family life and support our children.


We want to continuously grow our relationship with each other to ensure our happiness together and raise the likelihood of making it a flourishing lifelong journey as a married couple and parents.


We strive to prepare ourselves to make proper decisions and understand our children to help them grow to live a fulfilled life.

Finally, to pursue our ultimate goal we must lead by example. Therefore, we believe that change must begin within ourselves first.

Our Purpose

More than success - Live at heart, first.

To us life fulfillment begins with our ability of relating with ourselves and each other. As we grow ourselves we want to help new parents provide their offspring with an upbringing any child would wish for, and donate 10% of profits to organizations such as forthechild.org. 

Where it all comes together

Here is where the big picture comes together. At partofyourworld.org we’re providing a behind-the-scenes look at how we create the family life we dream of. We write about and share what we are learning on our journey. If you’re a young couple wanting to prepare for parenthood, you’ll find a straight-forward, honest approach to help you do just that, right here at partofyourworld.org.

What's next?

In our story, we introduced you to the idea of living at heart, first - the one principle we base almost everything in our life on.  Everything we are doing right now is our attempt to prepare ourselves to be the partners, parents and family members we desire to be - moving towards something greater. 

Call us idealists, but our ultimate goal is to help eliminate dysfunctional behaviors in families and raise the potential of children growing up under the best possible conditions.

Will we be able to achieve such a big goal?

The chances are slim. What we do know is that we don’t have the necessary skills or resources yet to make such a difference. This is why we are creating partofyourworld.org - so maybe one day we may be able to reach the point to make that positive impact in the world - even if it’s just in a small way.